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10,000 Shot Club

Every player that makes 10,000 shots will receive a South Basketball tee shirt, a medal for their letter jacket, will be added to our 10,000 Shot Club plaque, and most important will have improved themselves as a shooter.

Push yourself to keep improving or you’ll stay as close to the bottom as you are to the top”

– John Wooden

Players join the 10,000 shot club by making 10,000 shots either in the Spring/Summer (after the season) or the Summer/Fall (pre-season). The club was started in the Fall 2015.


Members of the 10,000 Shot Club

*Jessika McNellis

*Autumn Weimann

*Rachel Schleicher

*Emily Bridges

Member of the 20,000 Shot Club 

(completed 10,000 shots two separate times)

*Katie Banie

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